About Us

How did two people from a busy area of Southern New Jersey find their way to the quiet town of Somerset, Pa? That is a good question! After visiting our first B&B in 2017 for our first anniversary, we were hooked on the beauty of a B&B and thought ‘Hey we could do this – how hard could it be?’ (we were young and naive!) Ditching the corporate world, we packed up all our earthly belongings, our pup Fitzgerald (we added Hemingway to the mix when we got here) and both of our moms and headed to Western PA. It has been an awesome experience and we have never turned back. Thanks to you, our guests (more like family!), we are able to follow our dreams and provide a unique experience to travelers coming and going from Somerset. We treasure every experience we receive from this opportunity and we look forward to meeting you soon… welcome to our home!

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